In response to COVID-19, we have turned our expertise and skill to the design and manufacture of non-medical grade masks.

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St GENÈVE has been hand-making luxurious bed linens for decades here in Canada, using the best fabrics sourced from across the globe.

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We have turned our expertise and skill to the making of our cotton masks. Our professional seamstresses have been here for years and gained considerable experience in fine sewing.  Each mask is made with the same attention to detail that our bed linens are famous for.
Our priority in the design of our masks was to create masks that would be as effective and comfortable as possible for day-to-day use.



Creating quality masks is our way of contributing to the health of our communities amid COVID-19. We were inspired by Dr. Atul Gawande, a medical doctor and professor at Harvard. He stated that “if we can get over 60% of us wearing masks that are 60% effective, we can shut down the virus.” 

Gawande said a double-layered, well-fitted cotton mask would be at least 60% effective at blocking a person’s respiratory droplets, which is how the virus is transmitted.

We have ear-marked the first 1,000 masks off our production line for donation to front-line workers, non-profit organizations, and vulnerable community members.


To-date we have donated over 150 masks, supporting community organizations, frontline workers and vulnerable community members.